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is a team of financial, legal and title experts and licensed practitioners with a combined experience exceeding a century.  We have seen our share of other people's deals go bad and we have been brought in (too late) many times to restructure them.  We also have underwritten hundreds of commercial loans from twenty thousand dollar deals to one hundred sixty million dollar transactions, so we understand the agreements. 

The creation of was born from the mother of all invention: Necessity.  Many Americans are hungry for a chance at being their own boss but live by the old tale “you need to have money to make money.”   And many recent immigrants to the United States arrive in the country with skills, talents, dreams and educations but no credit histories or ability to obtain traditional bank loans.

A Michigan attorney with a commercial finance and lending background saw this opportunity to provide a significantly underserved population, friends and family loaning money to others to acquire goods or begin businesses and birth those dreams! 

Under this business model, he lined up a talented team and set out to provide more than a hand shake promise to pay back a friend or family member; while at the same time keeping the potentially abrasive and certainly more expensive situation of each side hiring its own lawyers out of the equation.

What’s left?  Documents which simply evidence the deal made between the family members or friends. That's social or peer to peer lending as some call it, and it's NOT the legalese representations and warranties which few understand and fewer still, actually read. 

As expands because of the market need it fills, relationships with professionals in more and more states continue to grow. So eventually we’ll be able to help residents in all fifty states, Keep Your Money In Your Family!

You can trust Family Tree to provide you with the proper documents for your completion, which protects the deal you made. Review our Terms of Use before you proceed with our Site.

Lastly, something we want to share just for your additional comfort, keep in mind the following: was funded and started with a family loan, which is, well, what we are all about!

Keep Your Money in Your Family, with help from!