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The most fundamental document provided by, after you have completed our More Than A Handshake Questionnaire is the Promissory Note.  A Promissory Note provides evidence of a debt. 

The Note will clearly state essential terms of the loan transaction, such as:

The borrowing party, a d/b/a, entity or individual;

The amount of money loaned;

To whom it is to be repaid;

The structure of repayment;

The maturity date;

Any collateral provided;

Remedy language in the event of a default.

And there are other critical items listed on the Note as well.

Some transactions are sufficiently spelled out within this instrument.  Others need more information and documentation. 

When you tell us the structure of the deal you have made, we will provide the appropriate document package to memorialize that deal for you.

Tell us the terms of your deal using our More Than A Handshake Questionnaire

Three simple steps!

  • First, when you click on a button below you will see our Terms of Use. If and after you agree to them, you will be provided our Questionnaire;
  • Second, within the Questionnaire, tell us the terms of the deal you have made by filling in the necessary fields;
  • Third, hit submit and proceed to checkout to purchase your document package.

In a matter of one to two business days, we will provide the appropriate documents to memorialize that transaction for you.

It's as effortless as that!

If there's any question as to whether you need a certain document for your loan, we can discuss that via telephone or e-mail. We will let you know right away if we have any questions.


Note and Settlement Statement:  $99.00.

Note, Settlement Statement and Security Agreement: $149.00.

Note, Settlement Statement, Security Agreement and a Mortgage: $349.00. 

Add a Business Loan Agreement to any package for $149.00. 

Add a Personal Guarantee to any package for $149.00. 

Titlework and any lien search, credit pulls, recording fees and the like will be billed at the vendor rate. 

The price of the package you are in need of, along with any third party fees such as title work, will be required at the inception of the transaction, with any recurring service or administration costs to be paid monthly.   Any changes required to be made to the loan document package to conform it to the transaction description will be free of charge. 

If the transaction structure has changed, however, there will be an amendment charge of $49.00

Do you need a LEASE, a LAND CONTRACT or a SALE LEASEBACK agreement drafted or reviewed?  Our professionals can help!  Contact us.

You truly can Keep Your Money in Your Family with the help of!